Welcome to the 2nd update on the quest to 1K/month.In my previous post, I gave myself 3 goals to finish by today, and they were. Find 100 relevant blogs to comment on.Find and create 10 forum accounts and engage with the community.Answer 20 Quora questions. I only manage to complete the first task which is to comment on 100 relevant blogs. Although I did answer a few Quora questions and created an account in 6 different forums.There’s a reason why I didn’t finish the 2nd and…Continue Reading “Quest to 1K/Month – Update #2”

So I’ve been working on a website for quite a while now, but I kept putting it off. I’ve finally started to get more involved in it this past couple month.Let’s start with my niche. The niche I picked was Dog, now the dog niche isn’t an easy one, and there’s actually a story behind this.I wanted to open an eCommerce site that sells dog related shirts. I was trying to grow my Instagram followers and etc. But as I said, I was procrastinating a lot, it…Continue Reading “Quest to 1K/Month”