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So I've been working on a website for quite a while now, but I kept putting it off. I've finally started to get more involved in it this past couple month.

Let's start with my niche. The niche I picked was Dog, now the dog niche isn't an easy one, and there's actually a story behind this.

I wanted to open an eCommerce site that sells dog related shirts. I was trying to grow my Instagram followers and etc. But as I said, I was procrastinating a lot, it was no joke. I bought the domain on 11 October 2015, so it has been 2 years now. Lol

I wasn't serious about this at all. But I really liked the domain, so I held on to it.

Let's begin with the hosting and theme!

​Hosting & Theme

I've been using SiteGround as my hosting on GrowBig plan. I can assure you that SiteGround does a great job at what they do, with over 99.99% uptime. I love their customer service, don't know how to install WordPress, SSL or Cloudflare? They will help you setup all of those if you ask them.

For my theme, I've been using Focusblog by ThriveThemes as I'm paying annual subscription fee. Their themes are pretty average, the main reason I bought into their annual membership are for their other products.

I mainly use TCB (Thrive Content Builder) and  ThriveLeads. If you're like me and suck at coding a website, then the TCB might come in handy. ThriveLeads is mainly to collect emails.

Now for the graphs and stuff.​

Google Analytics

Google Analytic Stats

​As you can see its nothing big, its been getting few visitors every time and so from Pinterest.

​Here are the stats for Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.


Since I don't have a dog. My plan for Instagram was to curate dog/puppy photos from other Instagram users. I was scheduling posting 3 -4 photos everyday through my phone, until it got tedious and boring.

​Then I heard about through AppSumo, it was exactly what I needed. It helped me schedule photos much faster. Until procrastination hit me.

​Last month, I hired a VA from UpWork to help me schedule a month worth of pictures on my Instagram. From then on, I realize Instagram isn't going to be much of help to me.


I'm starting to value my time a lot more, and liking, following, engaging in Instagram is time-consuming. Especially if you're getting an average of 40 likes and 2 comments per post​.

I remembered I was following 4k users, and unfollowing them all took forever. Now, don't get me wrong, following and engaging your target audience works but I simply didn't want to use my time for that.


Facebook stats

Yep, nothing to see here. Let's get moving.

Although I've been using which auto curates and post.


Pinterest Dashboard Stats

Okay, Pinterest is really interesting. When I first heard about it, I ignored it.

But Pinterest is really good for driving traffic to your site, and you get a free backlink as well.

If your audience is mostly female, you should definitely try Pinterest. ​Let's say if you're in the Beauty Niche, you should get started on Pinterest right away.

​Take a look at the image below.

Pinterest demographics

​Over 300,000 female saw my pins in a month! Although its only impressions, this can tell you how many female users are on Pinterest comparing to male.

Amazon associate dashboard

​All I've been getting are clicks and clicks. Clicks for days! Buy something already.

Website Content

In the beginning, I used to write the content by myself, but I hated it. So I hired a writer, he's cheap and good too. $20 for 3000 words is a steal. Although I do edit some parts, but that can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Currently, the site has 11 posts on the site with an average of 25K words. 3 of them are review types, and others are informative. Every week I publish 3000 words posts, thanks to my writer, I don't have to worry about the content as much.

The site also doesn't have any backlinks. Maybe 1 -3 and 1 from commenting​ but that's about it. 


So here's what my goals are for this remaining month.

  • Find 100 relevant blogs to comment on.
  • Find 100 broken linking opportunities.
  • Find and create 10 forum accounts and engage with the community.
  • Answer 20 Quora questions.

The reason for me setting the above as my goal is mainly for SEO. As the site barely have any links pointing to it and without any backlinks, in a competitive keyword, it's game over.

Well, unless you're targeting a super low competition keyword like my girlfriend who appeared on the 4th page of Google with barely any work. All she has is 1 post, and she just started.

My long term goal is to earn 1K/Month from this site!​

That's it for my post! The next update will be on 7 June 2017.​


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