Quest to 1K/Month – Update #2

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Welcome to the 2nd update on the quest to 1K/month.

In my previous post, I gave myself 3 goals to finish by today, and they were.

  • Find 100 relevant blogs to comment on.
  • Find and create 10 forum accounts and engage with the community.
  • Answer 20 Quora questions.

I only manage to complete the first task which is to comment on 100 relevant blogs. Although I did answer a few Quora questions and created an account in 6 different forums.

There's a reason why I didn't finish the 2nd and 3rd goal.​

A few weeks ago, I found Jason M. Swain in a Facebook group offering to help with link building in return for a testimonial. So I took up on his offer, and since I don't want, whatever the heck, I am doing to collide with his service, I decided to stop my activity for awhile.

​So far Jason's manage to get me 3 links from different blogs and he is starting to look for guest posts opportunities now. 

​So here's a screenshot of my Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Screenshot

There's been a slight increase in nearly everything. The traffic drop from May 29 is due to me stopping all my activities for Jason's link building.

​Website Content

​The site now has a total of 13 posts. Only an increase in 2 posts. And has 1 infographic to help Jason with his outreach.

My writer recently raised his price, which is why only 2 posts were added, so I've been looking around for new writers. But after this, I'll be posting 1 - 2 posts per month and focus on link building after Jason finishes.

Still no sales yet, to be expected.

But the site has some DA, PA, TF, CF, all those metrics stuff now, which is nice lol.

Next update will be on 12th July 2017​.


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