When Jude Flinch first stood up on top of a wave, it changed his life forever. Even though he lived a thousand kilometres away from the ocean, Jude never forgot the surge of the ocean beneath his feet.

My way to become one with nature

This collection was shot in Spain, on the rugged Basque coastline famed for it’s unforgiving rips (and amazing food).

Jude is a blast. He is a relaxed guy by nature and camera loves him. When the mood of the ocean can change from serene to vicious in the blink of an eye, Jude manages to straddle the two with remarkable grace and strength.

Fun in the sun with a group...

Surfing in a group can be a beautiful and transformative experience. Surfing with a group allows you to connect with others who share your love for the ocean and waves. It can be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and bond over a shared passion. When you surf in a group, you have a built-in support system. Your fellow surfers can offer encouragement and motivation when you're struggling to catch a wave or improve your skills.

Surfing with a group can be a great way to learn from others. You can observe how others approach the waves, pick up new techniques, and get feedback on your own surfing. Surfing in a group can create a sense of shared experience that is hard to replicate in other activities. You can share the thrill of catching a great wave, the excitement of exploring a new surf spot, and the joy of spending time in the ocean together. Surfing in a group can also deepen your connection with nature. You can appreciate the beauty of the ocean and its waves with others who appreciate it just as much. This shared connection with nature can be transformative and inspire you to protect and preserve our planet's natural resources.

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